Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party

We had a Sweet Shoppe birthday party for my daughter yesterday and it turned out great! Get ready for lots of pictures:

"Pin the cherry on the ice cream sundae"

Party favor cookies:

Welcome to the Sweet Shoppe!

Homemade chef hats for each guest baker:

Decorating cupcakes:

Party games included Sweet Shoppe Bingo, guess how many Skittles are in the Candy Jar, and this game where you have one minute to put a piece of candy between your knees, walk across the floor and see how many candies you can get in the jar, however many you get in the jar you get to keep and eat!

Every guest was asked to wear an apron to the party. It was super fun!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Organized Laundry Closet {Before and After}

While the rest of the world is putting up Christmas decorations, I spent the day finishing up a project I started over Thanksgiving Break. I had a Laundry Room (Closet) that was screaming for help. Then along came my sister-in-law, otherwise known as Ms. Fixit, and she made this project happen!


She switched the washer and dryer so the dryer door wouldn't hit the closet doors and so we could move the machine right up against the wall, and to save a few inches so I can squeeze in and out on the side of the closet to get to a wasted storage space. Then she reused some wood that came from my old Ikea bed frame that fell apart, and put in three extra shelves. She used some white contact paper I had on hand to cover the shelves. She bought some cheap brackets from the hardware store and up they went!

Then today I labeled some boxes and organized the shelves and finished putting everything back.


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that we can all get our Christmas decor up soon :) Thank you KAREN for making all my hopes and wishes come true for my organized laundry closet.