Monday, February 23, 2015

A "Frozen" Birthday Party! (with ideas and links to sources)

We had so much fun putting on a Disney Frozen birthday party this past weekend for my daughter. I feel like saying "This birthday party brought to you by Pinterest," because seriously. I could not have done it without so many ideas and online links from Pinterest!

If you've never seen it, "Please open up the gates" and "Love is an open door" is from the movie. I thought it was a fun way to greet our guests. There were balloons, but it was so windy they didn't last long.

We had the living room decorated with streamers and any Frozen paraphanelia I could find. The bags are from the Target dollar spot. I had the sing-along version of Frozen all cued up so that as guests came in and we were waiting for everyone to get there, they could stay excited and occupied by singing along. We also did that as the party was ending and we were waiting for pick up.

We all loved the chalkboard art I drew! But I can't take credit for it, I just searched "Frozen chalkboard" on Pinterest and copied an idea I found.

The cake was my favorite! After looking at tons of ideas, I decided upon this idea where you make a sheet of homemade hard candy and then break it up to look like "Elsa's ice" and decorate the cake with it. My kids had these Pez candy dispensers so they let me brake the tops off so we could decorate the cake with Elsa, Olaf and Anna. Then I took a number candle we had and painted it purple. The idea for the cake and "Elsa's ice" is found here, although if you are an amatuer candy maker like myself, I highly recommend reading the more detailed instructions on making hard candy here.

For an easy activity, I printed these placemats I found here for each guest, with a Frozen "plate" picture for them to color, which I found here and cut into circles and glued on, which I had them color when they came to the table while I was cutting cake and scooping ice cream.

I printed this personalized Frozen banner I found here and glued onto some scrapbook paper. My daughter also wanted to color some pictures and hang them up for decorations like the ones here.

The plates, napkins, hanging snowflakes, party favors and streamers I got for cheap on Amazon. I got better prices than and with free shipping.

We played "Do you wanna build a snowman?" with this super cute Olaf game printable from here. The winner got a prize.

And we played "Krostoff's Ice Chipping" game. I took small toys and froze them in water in cups. Then I gave them each a butter knife and just let them go at it (after giving them a warning to be careful!) I didn't know how it was going to go or how long it would take, but they seemed to know exactly what to do and just went for it! It was hilarious and ice was flying everywhere as they just hacked at it fast and furious. A couple girls got to their toys right away! And the first winner got a prize. The only thing I would do differently is freezing them in tupperware or harder plastic cups since these disposable ones ripped apart easily.

Another really fun game we did (I don't have a picture of) was a scavenger hunt with clues of movie quotes. I had a Frozen plastic cup from Target filled with Frozen fruit snack bags as the treasure they had to find at the end. It was a hit! They had a great time doing this, I thought it was the most fun game. Found here.

For the favors it was totally worth it to buy a favor pack from Amazon. It came with 6 things for 8 girls and was cheaper and faster and easier than trying to buy a bunch of different little things. It ended up being about a dollar a person. If you're not shopping online, you could probably do the same by buying 8 Frozen things from the Target dollar spot. I know they had a ton of Frozen stuff around Christmas time. We ordered these super cute thank you photo cards from Walmart which matched her invitations.

Overall, it was a super fun, super cute Frozen party! I know my daughter loved it so that's the most important thing :)

Have a great week! ~ Rebecca

Monday, February 9, 2015

February Teacher Appreciation Idea with Sharpie Markers


Supplies: Sharpie Markers, fun tape or washi tape, printed and cut tags.
Assemble, and deliver for the teachers to enjoy! It would also be cute in this month to put "Happy Valentine's Day on the bottom or back of the tags.

Have a happy LOVE week!

Monday, January 26, 2015

January Living Room Refresh

Does anyone else feel like "Spring Cleaning" after Christmas? I love Christmas and all our decorations but I also am always ready to take everything down, do a good cleaning, and start fresh for the new year. I pretty much took down the tree right after Christmas and our living room has been like this ever since. We are loving it.

I brought down my grandmother's side tables to flank the couch and the lighting situation is much better now and it's much more functional having them to put "stuff" on/in.

The quilt on the couch was a handmade wedding gift- on of my very favorites. I love the colors as you can see we chose to use it for inspiration around the room. The pillow covers are from here  with the front covered in Williamsburg Chippendale Fretwork fabric in Mocha.

Simple organization:

Another pillow from H&M:

This book, by one of my favorite bloggers, was not only a thoughtful Christmas gift from my MIL, it also looks great as decor. And I'm super excited about these Potterybarn Emma mugs I found at a great disacount home store, the start of my dream dinnerware collection. If I would have registered for china for my wedding, this is what I would have chosen.

This cute little tray was a birthday present to myself last week from Tai Pan Trading Co. I was on the lookout for one and knew it would work perfectly.

I also added some new fun artwork to the kitchen/dining area using frames I had on hand and these free printables.

I hope you have a wonderful 2015! So far, things are off to a good start for us!
~ Rebecca

Roundup of Coordinating January IPhone Wallpapers

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top Three Most Popular Posts 2014

Here is Rebecca's Roundup of the top three most popular posts this year here on the blog. Click on each title to be taken to the page.

#1: Christmas Home Decor 2014

#2: Welcome Fall! A touch of Autumn Decor 2013

#3: Super quick and easy Christmas craft : Felt Poinsettas

And that's my final Roundup for 2014! Have a very Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Some Grainy Nighttime Pictures of the Kids Christmas Bedrooms :)

Big Girls' Room: 

During Thanksgiving break, the kids and their cousins spent a good 2-3 days making perler bead ornaments for their trees. It was the perfect craft to keep them busy and they turned out so cute!

Boy Room:

I bought this adorable Riley Blake Christmas fabric from on sale and whipped up four pillow cases for the kids. They are so cute and the kids knew Christmas was really coming when I put up their trees and out their new Christmas pillowcases on!

Christmas break has officially begun! And don't let these pictures fool you- the rooms are clean but we literally spent the entire day -HOURS!- up until dinner time cleaning. I told them they had to clean and go through their junk or Santa wouldn't bring them new toys (!) And that if they did it today, then we could enjoy the rest of vacation! (Does that make me a good mom, or a lame one?! Ha!)
Have a great weekend, we are hoping to make candy houses by day and to party white elephant style by night. Only 6 more sleeps 'till Christmas!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party

We had a Sweet Shoppe birthday party for my daughter yesterday and it turned out great! Get ready for lots of pictures:

"Pin the cherry on the ice cream sundae"

Party favor cookies:

Welcome to the Sweet Shoppe!

Homemade chef hats for each guest baker:

Decorating cupcakes:

Party games included Sweet Shoppe Bingo, guess how many Skittles are in the Candy Jar, and this game where you have one minute to put a piece of candy between your knees, walk across the floor and see how many candies you can get in the jar, however many you get in the jar you get to keep and eat!

Every guest was asked to wear an apron to the party. It was super fun!