Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Peacock Costume

This year for Halloween, my daughter requested a Peacock costume. I searched the internet and studied several I found on pinterest then went to work with 50 peacock feathers I bought from China on ebay for cheap and what materials I had on hand. Oh- and a big thank you to Grandma for providing the turquoise thermals from Target :)

Supplies: cardboard/box, felt, scissors, pen/sharpie, hot glue, feathers, ribbon, round templates (I used a bowl and a block), pajamas/thermals.

I made a bib necklace out of a green felt triangle using a small bowl for the collar shape and the round block for scallops tracing with a sharpie. The scallops are where the eye of the feather goes, I cut them from the rest of the feather stem and hot glued them into place. Then I did two more layers of felt in blue and purple underneath.

I cut a triangle from the cardboard and used a cup for a template for the scallop shape across the top. I laid out all the feathers from largest to smallest. I put the largest in the middle and each one slightly smaller moving out toward the sides, hot glueing in place. I did this on both sides. I made slits where the ribbon will go through to tie around her waist.

I glued green felt on both sides over the feathers and blue and purple felt scallops on top of that. I made a barrett layering green, blue, and purple felt in the shape of the eye. I used extra feather fluff from the ones I cut for the necklace and glued them around the edges of the felt. For the skirt I glued the tip of the feather stems on a strip of green felt then glued another strip on top of those. Then I glued it to a ribbon long enough to tie around her waist. The ribbon goes around her waist, then through the slits in the tail and then tied into a bow in the back. The necklace will either be tied around her neck with a ribbon glued to it or I will stitch it on the ends to the shirt. Her hair is going to be up and I am going to attempt some fancy makeup.

She's happy, I'm happy!  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Can Make That: Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma Knock Off Hurricanes in Two Easy Steps! (No Cost)

I've had these hurricanes for a while. They are Threshold and I got them on Target clearance for $5 a piece. I've never been too sure of the shiny silver, though. It's not really my style. When I saw The Pioneer Woman's reveal of her new office space and I noticed the Pottery Barn Jameson Hurricanes with the beautiful rustic style, the lightbulb went off! I could make mine look like that!

I simply covered the glass with newspaper, taping in place, inside and out. I lucked out, it was easy to slip the newspaper under the silver parts so it got covered well with paint.

I used an indoor/outdoor black satin spray paint I had on hand. I had to go over it twice in some spots.

And there you have it. Love them so much more now.

This is the picture from The Pioneer Woman that inspired me:

The Pottery Barn Jameson Hurricanes:

And right before I posted this I came across some almost identical in style to mine from Williams Sonoma, the Disc Hurricane for a whopping $79!

I hope this inspires you to go spray paint something you like and make it into something you love this week :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Teacher Appreciation Idea {Bugs & Kisses}

I found this idea on pinterest and got the printable from {here}.

I ordered the kisses and spider rings off Amazon. The bags were leftover from October teacher appreciation last year {which you can see HERE} and the ribbon I already had. Super easy!

Bugs and kisses to you too, have a great week :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Friday Four Roundup #12

1. This week my husband brought home a sack overflowing with apples! Yesterday I made apple bread and muffins and apple butter. I used 7 cups of apples and made a dent in them. I have plans to make apple desserts and more bread next. Did you know you can make apple pie filling and apple crisp ahead of time and freeze it? Also, if you need a good apple bread recipe, I just used my favorite zucchini bread recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and substituted the apple for zucchini and applesauce for oil.

2. I came across a couple good articles this week, the first one {HERE}. About a mom just trying to find some decent modest shorts for her daughters at Target, and the awesome response she got.

3. The second article about how being a stay at home parent is a luxury for your spouse is {HERE}.

4. On Monday I will be sharing my idea for October's Teacher Appreciation. See ya then!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Fix: No sew up cycling a boys coat to a girls coat with flower embellishments

It's officially fall here. I went from wearing shorts last Thursday to needing to turn the heater on. It was time I went through the baby's clothes to see what kind of winter things she had. I found this little hoodie that belonged to her brother in perfectly good shape. But it needed some girly-ness. So I grabbed some fabric scraps and a hot glue gun (a hot glue gun???) and went to work.

If you've ever made fabric flowers before you know it's super easy. Just rip and roll, glueing as you go. Then I glued on top of the logo. I used hot glue because I am out of fabric glue, and seriously, have you ever accidentally gotten hot glue on your clothes? It's doesn't come off. So why not? C'mon, you know you've thought about it.

And there you have it.

And here is the "I'm-super-mad-that-you-would-even-think-about-putting-this-coat-on-me-right-now-so-I-am-gonna-fall-on-the-floor-and-throw-a-fit-but-I-don't-really-know-what-I-want-so-I'll-give-you-this-weird-smile-with-tears-in-my-eyes-while-you-make-funny-faces-at-me-so-you-can-get-a-picture" face. 

Have a super week! ~ Rebecca

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Friday Four Roundup #11 {Product Review and a Pinterest Fail}

I you haven't already, make sure to check out my Early Fall tour {here}. I say early because in a few weeks we will need to add some Halloween decor, and then my favorite, Thanksgiving!

1. Speaking of fall, not only did I add some touches to my house, I also found some super cure fall wallpaper for my "electronic devices." I just searched "fall wallpaper for iphone" on pinterest. When you see something you like on your phone you can just touch it and some options will come up and click "save image" which will go straight to your photo album on your phone. Then go to settings and update your wallpaper. Note: I could not save the image in my pinterest app, only if I went on pinterest through safari.

2. After doing a ton of research online and on the Ulta website, I discovered this Loreal true match mineral powder foundation got really great reviews. I decided to give it a try especially since I found that it was cheaper in my shade at than it was anywhere else, even Walmart. I LOVE it. I have tried BareMinerals for several years and also Loreal true match liquid foundation and this is very comparable to BareMinerals, if not better, and at less than half the price! I do need to use translucent powder to control shine over it, but it really gives a natural look and it so easy to use. (I am not paid to say any of this! All opinions in this post are my own!)

3. PINNED AND TRIED: homemade dry shampoo. After I ran out of my Suave dry shampoo, I decided to try this all natural recipe I found online by simply mixing equal parts baking soda and cornstarch. I found this shaker that was exactly like the one the original blogger used for like a buck. Umm, I don't know if it's just me, but it comes out way too much at a time, and pretty much made me look like I was trying to wear a powder wig. I only did it in a few spots that needed it. I rubbed it in like crazy and finally threw it in a ponytail to cover it because I was in a hurry. By the end of the day, the spots were really itchy and there was major powder under my fingernails from scratching. (gross). So I would say this is a Pinterest Fail. (!) Then I went and bought my beloved Suave dry shampoo. Definitely worth the three and a half bucks!

4. Lastly... "YOU'VE got mail. Those are very powerful words." (Name that movie) My awesome Sis in law Karen was so sweet to send me this mag after I told her I was wanting to read it but couldn't find it anywhere in my very small, very rural town. It really brightened my day. Now, go take a few minutes and go mail someone some love. You'll both be glad you did. And that's all for today's public service announcement.

I hope you have a great weekend! ~ Rebecca