Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pinned and Tried: DIY Boxwood Wreath with B&W Stripe Bow

A little bit ago, I was perusing images of DIY boxwood wreaths on Pinterest. I've been wanting a nice green wreath for my front door that would work all year long, for every season. For some reason, boxwood wreaths are insanely expensive and I've always wanted one but would never pay for one. I came across one image with a black and white striped bow and fell in love. Also, the bow gave me an idea: change it out for seasons/holidays and I would have the ultimate wreath that I would never have to worry about changing, storing, and I could get rid of all my other ones that take up so much space in the garage- triple win! 
The inspiration came from this picture here. I used an old wreath form I already had, I bought two boxwood garlands from Joann when they had a great sale, and I bought 1 yard of black and white striped ribbon. I just attached the garland to the form using twist ties starting from the inside and worked my way around and out. The bow is just clipped on so I can easily change it out. Here is how mine turned out:

Love. (We really need to paint that trim- yikes). As you can see it is a lovely rainy Spring day today.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY Boxwood wreath! ~Rebecca

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick And Easy May/End Of Year Teacher Appreciation Idea

I finally got through all those school supplies I bought last August and saved the highlighters for the end. I printed up these cute tags and they're ready to go! My kids only have NINE days of school left. CrAzY! Is it too soon to say "Have a great Summer!" ,"Stay cool", or "Don't ever change" ?? I can say for sure, Happy end of school!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Take Note": April Teacher Appreciation

Notepads/Pencils from Walmart
Washi Tape from PickYourPlum.com
Printable tags from HERE

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Children at Play" Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Time for baby girl to share a room with big brother! I gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, repurposed the curtains, sewed a pillow and got a few new pieces of art/decor for the walls and the rest we already had. It turned out so great and the room feels bigger and cleaner. I am happy to report everyone is sleeping through the night now :) Sources at bottom of post.



Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray
Curtains: homemade by me using queen size sheet and old red panels
Letters: old, from Kohl's
Crib bedding: old, pink chevron sheet from Target; quilt: gift; pillow handmade from Sarah Jane Children at play fabric "On Parade." 
Twin bedding: levi quilt old, handmade by me; standard pillow sham made from repurposed mens dress shirts; throw pillow handmade from Sarah Jane Children at play fabric "Rocket Launch Club."
Wall decor/art: Art clip boards from craft fair/sister in law; I love to see the temple and Rocket Launch Club art prints from Sarah Jane Studios; On Parade canvas handmade by me; Love one another and Seek after these things art prints from Jones Design Company.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Teacher Appreciation Idea: Dr. Seuss and School Supplies.

"The news just came in from the County of King.
The staff here at ____ is A-MA-ZING!
March is the month, the 2nd's the week.
A celebration we're having, so try not to shriek.
We want you to show thanks for all that you do.
You're the best of the best, we appreciate YOU!

Have a COLORFUL week!"

poem idea credit here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A "Frozen" Birthday Party! (with ideas and links to sources)

We had so much fun putting on a Disney Frozen birthday party this past weekend for my daughter. I feel like saying "This birthday party brought to you by Pinterest," because seriously. I could not have done it without so many ideas and online links from Pinterest!

If you've never seen it, "Please open up the gates" and "Love is an open door" is from the movie. I thought it was a fun way to greet our guests. There were balloons, but it was so windy they didn't last long.

We had the living room decorated with streamers and any Frozen paraphanelia I could find. The bags are from the Target dollar spot. I had the sing-along version of Frozen all cued up so that as guests came in and we were waiting for everyone to get there, they could stay excited and occupied by singing along. We also did that as the party was ending and we were waiting for pick up.

We all loved the chalkboard art I drew! But I can't take credit for it, I just searched "Frozen chalkboard" on Pinterest and copied an idea I found.

The cake was my favorite! After looking at tons of ideas, I decided upon this idea where you make a sheet of homemade hard candy and then break it up to look like "Elsa's ice" and decorate the cake with it. My kids had these Pez candy dispensers so they let me brake the tops off so we could decorate the cake with Elsa, Olaf and Anna. Then I took a number candle we had and painted it purple. The idea for the cake and "Elsa's ice" is found here, although if you are an amatuer candy maker like myself, I highly recommend reading the more detailed instructions on making hard candy here.

For an easy activity, I printed these placemats I found here for each guest, with a Frozen "plate" picture for them to color, which I found here and cut into circles and glued on, which I had them color when they came to the table while I was cutting cake and scooping ice cream.

I printed this personalized Frozen banner I found here and glued onto some scrapbook paper. My daughter also wanted to color some pictures and hang them up for decorations like the ones here.

The plates, napkins, hanging snowflakes, party favors and streamers I got for cheap on Amazon. I got better prices than Walmart.com and Target.com with free shipping.

We played "Do you wanna build a snowman?" with this super cute Olaf game printable from here. The winner got a prize.

And we played "Krostoff's Ice Chipping" game. I took small toys and froze them in water in cups. Then I gave them each a butter knife and just let them go at it (after giving them a warning to be careful!) I didn't know how it was going to go or how long it would take, but they seemed to know exactly what to do and just went for it! It was hilarious and ice was flying everywhere as they just hacked at it fast and furious. A couple girls got to their toys right away! And the first winner got a prize. The only thing I would do differently is freezing them in tupperware or harder plastic cups since these disposable ones ripped apart easily.

Another really fun game we did (I don't have a picture of) was a scavenger hunt with clues of movie quotes. I had a Frozen plastic cup from Target filled with Frozen fruit snack bags as the treasure they had to find at the end. It was a hit! They had a great time doing this, I thought it was the most fun game. Found here.

For the favors it was totally worth it to buy a favor pack from Amazon. It came with 6 things for 8 girls and was cheaper and faster and easier than trying to buy a bunch of different little things. It ended up being about a dollar a person. If you're not shopping online, you could probably do the same by buying 8 Frozen things from the Target dollar spot. I know they had a ton of Frozen stuff around Christmas time. We ordered these super cute thank you photo cards from Walmart which matched her invitations.

Overall, it was a super fun, super cute Frozen party! I know my daughter loved it so that's the most important thing :)

Have a great week! ~ Rebecca